Depression: Through the Pain

You CAN make it through the pain.

A Tool for Your Toolbox

on May 14, 2013

Good morning!  Today is a new day, and you WILL make it through.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were one magic thing that would make your depression go away?  Well, the good news and the bad news is that there isn’t.  Why good?  Because as you learn different ways of healing, you’re becoming stronger to deal with life, whether depressed or not.  Gather as many tools as you can to address depression, and in the future you are less likely to be overwhelmed by it.

I have a tool for your toolbox that I’d like for you to focus on today.  Go to where you keep your notebooks, or go to a drugstore or bookstore.  I want you to choose a notebook or journal that will be ALL FOR YOU.  Pick a fancy one to represent life when you’re well.  Or choose a rugged one to represent the struggle you’re going through.  Take the time to find one that is symbolic for you.  I want you to be pleased with it.  It doesn’t matter whether it costs a dollar or forty dollars.  That part is irrelevant.

Now, before you go to bed each night, I want you to write in your journal three things that you are grateful for.   Some nights this will be easy.  Other nights it will be hard, but DO NOT TURN OUT THE LIGHTS until you have written those three down.  This is your “Gratitude Journal”.

I remember nights when the only good things I could think of were, “I could get hit by a bus tomorrow.”  Other days were like this: “I had mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert”, “spring started today”, and “I didn’t feel quite as bad today as I did yesterday.”  You can do this.  But remember, DO IT EVERY NIGHT!

YOU WILL GET BETTER.  It just takes time.  I’ll be writing again tomorrow to see how the first night with your gratitude journal went.  We’ll keep tackling this depression together.

Blessings, Elizabeth


*** If you are new to this blog, it is best to start by reading “About” and the first entry that was posted on May 13, 2013.  Then read each consecutive entry, one per day.  Welcome!


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