Depression: Through the Pain

You CAN make it through the pain.

How did it go?

on May 15, 2013

Good morning!   Did you choose a journal yesterday and start writing in it last night?  A gratitude journal is a powerful tool.  Don’t skip it.  If you think hard enough, I’m sure you can come up with three things you are thankful for, whether you’re having a good day or bad.  I PROMISE that you will benefit from doing this.    Over time you will realize that your thought processes are becoming more optimistic.  Eventually you may even feel frustrated that you can’t write down many more than the three!  But let’s wait for that.  Right now, stick with three so that you don’t start turning it into a competition with yourself and then feel disappointed on the days when you can’t come up with as many. 

If you didn’t start a gratitude journal yesterday, PLEASE start it today.  You can do this, and, slowly but surely, you’ll realize the winter of your emotions will be turning to spring.  There is life and hope beyond depression. 

Talk to you tomorrow!


*** If you are new to this blog, it is best to start by reading “About” and the first entry that was posted on May 13, 2013.  Then read each consecutive entry, one per day.  Welcome!


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