Depression: Through the Pain

You CAN make it through the pain.

Symbol of Commitment

on May 20, 2013

Good morning!  Have you been using the tools we’ve discussed?

You will never beat depression without a conscious decision to do so.  It is a formidable opponent that will grind you into the ground.  Twenty+ years ago when I crashed, I knew that I didn’t have any other choice but to get well.  My young daughter depended on me, and I couldn’t resign myself to a life of depression.  She was (and is) too precious to me to allow myself to be defeated.

So my question is, ARE YOU READY to beat it?  Are you willing to LET GO OF OLD PATTERNS OF THINKING AND BEHAVING in order to make your life better?  If not, think about why you’re not willing to let go of depression.  Does the sympathy of others meet a need?  Let’s find a healthier way.    Does it give you an excuse not to participate in life?  Spend some time considering those questions, and decide what you want to do about your answers.

For those of you committing to the fight of your life, I’ll share with you what I did as a symbol of that commitment.  I went to a shop named Things Remembered in the mall and had a pendant made.  On one side, the one I wore against my skin, I had engraved the words “I Will”.  As in, “I will recover,” “I will beat this depression,” “I will survive.”  (I ignored the salesman who asked me what it meant.) On the other side, I wanted something for the world to see which wouldn’t elicit questions.  My struggle was personal, and I didn’t want to have to answer prying questions.  So on the other side I had a tree engraved, symbolizing the strong roots that I was putting down and the new growth that would be coming.

That pendant was very meaningful to me during my darkest days.  It was a constant reminder of hope and life.  You might want to do the same.  You could even make one yourself.  This is just a suggestion, but one that meant a lot to me.  Like a seal of my commitment to beat depression.

Go to a physician and take your meds if needed, use the gratitude journal, listen to your fight song, and get a symbol of your commitment to slay this dragon.  You’ll have more tools before we’re done.

Blessings, Elizabeth


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