Depression: Through the Pain

You CAN make it through the pain.


on May 28, 2013

Good morning!

How are you feeling today?  Whether it’s one of your better days or not, I’m sure you’re probably struggling.  It can take quite some time to dig yourself out of depression.

Digging was actually one of the mental pictures I would use as I was trying to get well.  As I was sitting or laying in mental and emotional agony, I would devise imagery of how I was feeling.  Then I would think of a way out of that picture.

Let me give you an example.  When I was depressed, I felt like life and sanity were out of my reach.  As if there were a wall blocking it from me.  So I imagined a very tall wall of infinite length, with me on one side and that sanity and life on the other.  The question was, “How do I reach the other side?”  The length was infinite, so I couldn’t go around it.  How about over it…..I could get an extremely tall ladder to climb over the wall.  That wouldn’t work; I was very clear at that point that there was no easy solution.  No, depression is a dirty business.  I decided that I’d have to dig my way straight through, so I imagined that the wall was made of compacted earth with stones mixed in.  I would dig with my hands, with dirt getting under and around my nails.  I was going to get covered in dirt from head to toe, but I’d be making my way through.  Each time I did something to help myself heal, I would picture myself getting a handful of dirt out from the wall.  Sometimes I had to use a lot of force to pry out stones mixed in the dirt.  But as time went on, slowly but surely I imagined getting through that wall to the other side, as indeed I was getting through depression.  I pictured myself grubby and tired, but grinning as I finally crawled out of the tunnel I’d dug.

I liked that image a lot and thought about it often as I was trying to heal.  I still use it sometimes when facing problems, knowing that if I made it through one of the toughest opponents possible, I can make it through other problems.  I feel stronger for having done it.

See if you can think of images that work for you.  First identify what you are feeling, and then devise an image that represents it and a way to solve the problem.  Feel free to use the image I described, too, if that one helps you.


Talk to you tomorrow!

Blessings, Elizabeth

*** If you are new to this blog, it is best to start by reading “About” and the first entry that was posted on May 13, 2013.  Then read each consecutive entry, one per day.  Welcome!



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