Depression: Through the Pain

You CAN make it through the pain.

Handling the Noise

on June 26, 2013

Good morning! 

Do you ever feel that the noise of the world is deafening?  You are watching your absolute favorite show on television when you get a call from someone AND the doorbell rings.  Add to that the chatter of housemates.  Then to top it off, you smell your dinner burning on the stove.  Sometimes your ears, brain, and body are so tired that you want to burst into tears.  And occasionally you do. 

Depression makes handling the variety and quantity of input all the harder.  You’re already feeling overloaded, so all the extras are like huge loads heaped upon your shoulders. 

Close your eyes and just BREATHE.  Take a few minutes to quiet your mind.  Remind yourself of Psalm 46:10…..”Be still, and know that I am God.” You may feel out of control, but He is not.  He holds the world in His hands.  Quiet your mind, and give your burdens to Him.  The noise in your life may very well still be there, but you can be assured that you are not alone.  And THAT is something you can include in your gratitude journal: you can thank God that He walks with you when you acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior.   Even the difficult times of life become bearable.

So hand your burdens to Him.  You will have a Rock that cannot be moved, a Strong Tower of defense, and an Anchor to hold you steady.   YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH.

 Keep using your tools.  I’ll be back on Friday.

Blessings, Elizabeth

*** If you are new to this blog, it is best to start by reading “About” and the first entry that was posted on May 13, 2013.  Then read each consecutive entry, one per day.  Welcome!


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