Depression: Through the Pain

You CAN make it through the pain.

Trust the Process

on July 26, 2013

Good morning!

How have you been this past week?  Were you able to work with the clay as I suggested on July 16th?  I’d love to hear what you created and if it was revealing about your current situation in life.  If you share with me, be sure to let me know if you do NOT want it posted.  I’ll honor that request.  When I did this project 20+ years ago, what emerged was a bird’s nest with a baby bird, head back and mouth wide open.  It made sense.  I was feeling helpless and weak, wanting so badly to be cared for.  Yet I learned to care for myself, with God as my Provider.  I’m so thankful that I didn’t rely on another person to fill a much deeper need!  Otherwise, the helplessness would have remained.  God fills my need abundantly, and He’s the only one I ultimately lean on.  If you haven’t done this project yet, remember: don’t plan what you want the clay to become.   Follow the brief instructions on July 16th to get you going.

Try to spend at least a little time outside this weekend.  It’s good for your soul.  Breathe deeply, and know that you are healing, slowly but surely.  Review your tools, and see if there are any that you might need to focus on.  Would counseling be helpful?  Are you seeing a physician for medication?  Remember, if you are not able to function in life or are thinking of harming yourself or someone else, YOU NEED TO SEE A PHYSICIAN.  He or she can help you.  There is no glory in “toughing it out” without using all available resources.  As you make use of these tools and resources, YOU WILL GET BETTER.

A farmer turns the soil, plants the seeds, waters, weeds, and watches over them.  Likewise, you need to patiently do the work that is required.  And just as the farmer trusts that the seeds will produce a harvest, you too can trust in your harvest of health.  TRUST THE PROCESS, and you will get well.

I’ll be back next week.

Blessings, Elizabeth


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