Depression: Through the Pain

You CAN make it through the pain.

Physical Pain

on August 1, 2013

Good morning!

How have you been this past week?  Have you been implementing your tools to conquer this depression?   I pray for your healing through God’s grace and strength, and that He’ll grant you endurance for the battle.  You will get well, my friend, in time.

Have you learned any new tools that you’d be willing to share?   I’d love to hear what you have come up with. 

People often think of depression and anxiety as a purely mental and emotional problem, but it’s not that simple, is it?  It affects every fiber of your being, physical as well as mental.   In fact, prior to being diagnosed with depression, I was positive that something serious was wrong with me.  I was in pain and went to several doctors, hoping someone could make the correct diagnosis.  I was checked from top to bottom.  When I was finally diagnosed with major depression and panic attacks, I was relieved, thinking that I’d go to a couple months of counseling and be well.  Not so simple, is it!?!?  Even after the correct diagnosis, it took a few months before I was completely convinced that I wasn’t suffering from a physical malady.  I was still in pain.

Sometimes the only thing that eased the pain was to stand in the shower with the water pouring over me.  Perhaps it was more of a distraction than anything else, but it helped a little, especially when I was coming off of the anti-anxiety medications. 

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.  AND BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF.  Slowly but surely, you’ll address the issues that got you to this point, and THEN you can move beyond.  What a beautiful day that will be!!!! 

Keep using your tools, and you will get well.


Until next time.

Blessings, Elizabeth


2 responses to “Physical Pain

  1. Finlay says:

    A work mate referred me to this resource.

    Thank you for the resources.

    • nonfatlatte says:

      Welcome! I hope these tools will be of value to you. You may want to start with the first post that was written on May 13, 2013 and move through it that way. Blessings, Elizabeth

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