Depression: Through the Pain

You CAN make it through the pain.


My name is Elizabeth.  Over 20 years ago, I crashed with major depression.  After being taken to the hospital and tested from head to toe, the doctors determined that all of my many symptoms were due to major depression accompanied by panic attacks.  I felt like I was dying.  Sometimes I even wanted to.  After a few years of counseling, anti-depressants, and my own work toward healing, I can now tell you that I am in a much better place for having gone through it.  God gets the glory for that.  Walk along with me as I share how I worked through my depression and got to the point of feeling blessed for having experienced it.  When I find other things that seem helpful, I’ll share those, too.  You CAN make it through.  Blessings.

*** I am NOT a physician or counselor of any sort.  The suggestions I give are things that have helped me.  PLEASE see a physician if you are having trouble functioning or considering suicide or homicide.  Then you can come back here to see what you can do in addition to what they advise.


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  1. Okay my dear—I’m sharing a nice thing with you–in turn because someone shared it with me—and not to fret–it’s not like the others that require a litany of this and that—merely that you share it with one other person at some point—it’s the Inner Peace Award. I’ve nominated this, your second blog, for the award as I think it a most natural fit…..check out in order to find the little badge thingie….
    You can be like me today and accidentally hit the “like” button to your own post, like an idiot, or call someone you know by the wrong name— but hopefully, I’m passing this on as it is suppose to a correct fashion. but given todays circumstance..who knows!!!! This is perfect for you and this blog!!
    hugs and love to you Elizabeth——julie

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